Australian Aged Parent visa (Permanent) (804, 864 and 884 visa)

An Australian Aged Parent visa (Permanent) (804, 864 and 884 visa) application must be lodged while the applicant is in Australia. An applicant is ordinarily eligible for a bridging visa during the processing of their application, allowing them to remain in Australia. Please see below for information in relation to the age requirements for this visa.

To qualify for the Aged Parent and Contributory Aged Parent visa, an applicant must be old enough to be granted the Australian age pension. To qualify as an ‘aged parent’ at least one applicant must be at least 66 years and 6 months old.  This minimum age limit will increase to 67 years of age on 1 July 2023.

Australian Aged Parent Visa Options

There are two visa categories for parents wishing to migrate to Australia:

  • the Aged Parent category (804 visa)
  • the Contributory Aged Parent category (864 visa or 884 visa)

 The main differences between the two categories are summarised below:

  • the number of places allocated to the Contributory Aged Parent visa are higher and therefore they are processed substantially quicker than Parent Visas
  • Contributory Aged Parent Visa applicants pay a much larger second application charge and a larger Assurance of Support bond

Am I eligible for an Aged Parent or Contributory Aged Parent Visa?

  • I am the parent of an Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • I am currently in Australia
  • I have at least 50% of my children permanently settled in Australia
  • My Australian citizen or permanent child has spent at least 2 years living in Australia
  • I meet the health and character requirements.

The initial outcome of this visa application is that the applicant is placed on a queue.  Once they reach the head of the queue, their permanent resident visa is granted provided they continue to meet the health requirements.  Once granted, this visa allows parents to remain in Australia permanently with their children.

Applicants for the Aged Parent Visa must meet health requirements at time of lodgement and again at time of grant.  Once an applicant has a permanent resident visa, they will have full access to Medicare. The processing time from the date of visa application to being placed on the queue can vary but is currently approximately 24-48 months.  The queue is then approximately at least 20-30 years. 

All Parent Visa applicants must obtain an Assurance of Support before the visa can be granted.  This is a legal commitment by the ‘Assurer’ to provide financial support to the applicant and repay to the government the amount of any welfare payments made to the applicant within the first 2 years after the applicant is granted the visa. The Assurer makes an appointment with Centrelink when instructed to do so by DoHA.  

In addition to the Assurance of Support, the ‘Assurer’ must lodge a security bond with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia.  For an Aged Parent Visa this bond is $7,000 for a couple (or $5,000 for a single applicant). It is refundable 2 years after the grant of the permanent resident visa. If any social security is claimed during the 2-year period, it may be deducted from the bond.  

Because of long waiting periods, applicants may choose to apply for a Contributory Aged Parent Visa where applicants (or their sponsor) pay a much larger second visa instalment of $43,600 EACH and a larger Assurance of Support bond. Applicants (or their sponsor) are contributing to Government revenue and helping to offset some costs placed on the community by parent migration. The Government also limits the number of places available for Contributory parents each year, but there are more places available so the waiting period for grant of a Contributory parent visa is much shorter.

Current processing times are a guide only, and for this type of visa an expected processing time would be approximately at least 5 years.  

The ‘Assurer’ must provide financial support to the applicant and repay to the government the amount of any welfare payments made to the applicant within the first 10 years after the applicant enters Australia. The security bond for this visa is $14,000 for a couple and $10,000 for a single applicant. The bond is refundable after 10 years.  If any social security is claimed during the 10-year period, it may be deducted from the bond.  

What does this visa allow me to do?

  • Reside in Australia indefinitely with my family who were included in the application
  • Travel in and out of Australia for the five years from the date the visa is granted. Thereafter I would need to apply for a Resident Return Visa
  • Work and study in Australia – if I choose to
  • Buy property with the same terms and conditions as Australian citizens
  • Enrol in Medicare, Australia’s scheme for health-related care and expenses
  • Apply for Australian citizenship (once I am eligible) by completing the residence requirements in Australia
  • Sponsor eligible relatives who are eligible to meet a family visa (for example, parent, child, partner (after 5 years) etc) or certain skilled regional visas (subclass 491).

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